Journaling diary starting with the birth date

posted by Samarasam , 906 days ago , show insights

A custom diary/journal should have the option to start from birth date which makes more meaning when it comes to personal writing to start with every real new year.

Example: I want a diary for where I expect the start start date shoud be 12/02/2021 and end date should be 12/01/2022.

This can be called as "Birthday Diary" For those who believe new year is their birth date and want to take resolutions or start writing their journals from birthdate with new motive each year.

Personal note: Writing in a  physical notebook is the best thing which adds muscle memory and more memory power than the digital tools which gives modern stat/graphs, easy to do stuffs / storage /portability. A physical pen and notebook gives more value when it is personal.

And with our modern printing technology, this birthday diary printing must be a simple one which is not ready just.
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