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posted by Loin , 818 days ago , show insights

I'm young enough to not know a world without Social media and smartphones. I've been using both all my life. Since then the platforms changed, the world changed, but so have i. I owe a lot to the internet, it made me who i am and give me a future, but i feel in my bones that the modern web slaved me. It made me a dopamine inducing machine, a behavioral addict for  profit. At my lowest i spent 12 hours/day browsing mindlessly various platforms. Few days ago after 3 years of fighting i finally deleted Facebook. I tried to find various ways to use it specifically for the value it created for me, but it in end it wasn't possible. The negatives outgrow the positives by far...

The only social media i currently use is Twitter. I use it but in a very constrained way. I follow mostly people from a specific field i'm interested and i see it as a platform that gives me access to people, information/knowledge, and discussions that i would never had access otherwise.

I need a script for twitter where it would grep the most liked/retweeted tweets by my followers from my timeline and exports them to a pdf for later read.

Twitter can only be valuable to me this way. Without keeping me addicted.

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