OkCupid for Jobs

posted by Abishek Muthian Ideator , 865 days ago , show insights

In a discussion about replacement for StackOverflow jobs in HN; User 0xbadcafebee comments about the need-gap in job search websites,

Somebody please make OkCupid for Jobs. Both employers and applicants fill out questions that the community curates (so they can be job-specific, industry-specific, etc). Both employers and employees get matches via algorithm rather than receiving 100 random resumes or 100 random job suggestions that have nothing to do with you. Existing sites do this, but very poorly, because they only try to detect information out of a resume and detect keywords in a job listing. There is only so much data you can gleam from those sources and it's highly variable. You need to ask specific questions, like "Is Functional Programming the best form of programming?" or "Do you prefer asynchronous communication when dealing with coworkers?", or "Do you like being in an office?", or "Do you like working in finance?".

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