Analytics data without cookies or fingerprinting

posted by matthias , 780 days ago , show insights

All industry-standard methods to collect data for web analytics are relying on the identification of recurring visitors and transmitting personal data to third-party companies. The problem here is the data privacy aspect.

Within the European Union this constellation leads to incomplete data in web analytics. Consent banners are implemented on websites to block any trackers and only allow tracking once visitors click something like 'yes please track me'. Obviously, a high number of visitors does not accept that.

For some use-cases, there is no alternative to visitor consent and profiling-based tracking. Just think of aggregating customer data within your CRM or tracking conversions and reporting them to ad networks. But there are other analytics tasks that would not require personal data or the identification of visitors.

Plain statistics about the number of website sessions, acquisition channels, or the performance of your content could be generated from technical website activity data without any connection to a visitor. We would not even require the IP addresses for this.
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