A simple event management platform

posted by perry , 837 days ago , show insights

I was speaking to my 19-year-old sister recently, and she was telling me about how she and her friends create a WhatsApp group for any social event they plan together. I thought this is a little crazy, since those groups just become stale soon after the event is over, and WhatsApp gets filled with unnecessary items.

Then I realized, that this is the younger generation, many of whom have never been on Facebook. I'm fairly confident that many in this group are not even aware that something like Facebook Events even exists. I'm 26, and my friends would always use Facebook Events for planning such events.

I know that there are also many others, who want to leave Facebook, but benefit from using Facebook Events to plan events.

I have a good feeling that it would be great to have a simple platform that helps create and manage small events, like birthday parties.

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