Smartphone Addiction

posted by Abishek Muthian Ideator , 767 days ago , show insights

Smartphone addiction has become a menace to the society, Some are able identify the detrimental effects of a smartphone's hold on their life early enough to reduce its usage or switch to a dumbphone but many realize it a bit too late and end up in a de-addiction center if lucky.

I don't think the problem can be just pinned on the lack of self-control of the individual when Billions of  dollars are poured into making apps addictive in the name of increasing the engagement.

Smartphones are the first computer to the majority of the world population today, Unlike those who had the luxury of witnessing nascent Internet as a resource for Information & Knowledge through computers, the current younger generation is subjected to a barrage of assaults on their senses in the name of entertainment from addiction-optimized apps targeted individually through the exploitation of their privacy.

Imagine if opioid drugs optimized to each individual for maximum effect is widely available in the society?
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