Automatically arrange leisure activities

posted by aggravating109 , 767 days ago , show insights

I often face the issue of being indecisive on how to spend my evenings or weekends. Be it laziness, not having any ideas/knowing where to start or difficulty in deciding between the many options that come up in event sourcing platforms.

A platform where once added some personal interests/details and date/time, it sends like 3 curated suggestions of things to do. Once one of the suggestions is accepted, it takes care of arranging it for the user. The suggestions can be sent on a regular cadence if there's a subscription model in place.

Basically, similar to one of those meal-kit services (BlueApron, HelloFresh, etc..) but for recreational activities.
I wasn't able to find a similar platform, but there's an endless numbers of websites for finding events or finding restaurants. Personally, when using them I find it a very time consuming and tedious process. Also because of the huge amount of options it makes it hard to choose one.
I'd like some feedback on where the holes in my thought process are, what issues I might face if I end up pursuing this and how to find out if there's demand for something like this. Thanks!
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