Wordpress-like tool for mobile apps development

posted by silten , 727 days ago , show insights

It always bugged me how expensive mobile app development is comparing to developing website. For example, it is perfectly standard for someone to quickly build simple website for a friend for a few bucks/coffee, while app development starts with a few thousands $, even for quite a simple use cases. This is especially concerning given how mobile apps perform much better for many use cases (like e-commerce).

Current "app builders" doesn't really address the problem, as they very much focus on designing the screens. They are also more similar to services like Wix than Wordpress (this means that it may be quite easy to build an app, but in case you need new and more specific features in the future, there is a big risk that you will need to rewrite it in different technology anyway, while in Wordpress, you can achieve pretty much anything through plugins or writing your own code).

I feel like there is a great room for technology similar to Wordpress in philosophy that would focus on rapid mobile app development that would focus more on covering common use cases and good plugin support instead of drag and drop design tool similar to Elementor.
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