Retrieving baggage lost at airport

posted by Abishek Muthian Ideator , 697 days ago , show insights

Retrieving baggage lost during transit at busy international airports are a huge hassle if not impossible. Since hundreds of baggage pass through the conveyor belts at these airports at any given moment it's easy for a baggage to be misplaced.

Locating such lost baggage could take weeks at busy airports where thousands of baggage are added to the lost&found section every day, If our baggage was lost at a connecting airport we would be in a different city or country by the time we realize that our baggage was lost.

Even the top-rated premium airlines do a bad job at repatriating lost baggage due to the sheer volume that they often prefer to reimburse instead, But some lost items could have emotional value.

There could be a need-gap for a service which could help repatriate lost luggage to the owner by coordinating with the airline/airport.
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