On-premise gumroad alternative

posted by Abishek Muthian Ideator , 686 days ago , show insights

Gumroad is a digital marketplace platform/payment host using which one can sell their digital files and services. It can serve as a host for digital files with paywall.

It's widely used by indies to sell their books, music, art etc. Yet their reviews at trust pilot is poor.

Much of the grievances seems to be related to,

  • Payments (Failures, Delays, Refunds).
  • Two-sided marketplace issues (End user unhappy with the purchase).
  • Account Suspension (Likely due to the violation of policies largely dictated by Gumroad's banking partners).
  • Customer service (Lack of thereof).
I believe all the above issues could be resolved with an On-premise Gumroad alternative, Are you looking for one?
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