Boilerplate for building API products

posted by Abishek Muthian Ideator , 582 days ago , show insights

An Application Programming Interface(API) product is where the consumer is usually a developer who uses our product to perform a task within their own product to save cost and time in building it themselves.

Just like when building any SaaS product, A boilerplate ( /problems/345 ) is useful for reducing the time and effort in building our API product. But unlike a SaaS product, We need limited number of features as an API product doesn't usually have complex front-ends.


  • user management
  • api quota & pricing
  •  security
But there seems to be a need-gap in boilerplate for building API products, As available ones seem to be built for typical SaaS products and thereby charge more for the features we don't need and the reasonably priced ones seem to be unreliable(Which matters a lot since our customers depend on our API to run their business).
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