Affordable E-Ink large external displays

posted by Abishek Muthian Ideator , 1738 days ago , show insights

Due to the exponential growth in the LCD/OLED display technologies larger, higher resolution, higher frame rate displays are more affordable than ever, But the E Ink external displays or E Ink computer monitors remains elusive from large adoption in the consumer market.

There are large E Ink external displays available for a while now from the likes of Dasung, Onyx but due to higher price e.g. $700 to $1000 for 13.3" E Ink display, where as a 4K 32" color LCD display monitor is available for ~ $200. Higher price of E Ink display slows adoption and slower adoption keeps these display prices high and new entrants to the E Ink market.

Of-course E Ink display use is limited to document consumption due to its monochrome colors and low refresh rates. But considering document consumption (browsing articles) or activities requiring low refresh rate (e.g. coding) occupies majority of screen time for many professionals, An E Ink display can serve them well.

Many who have used E Ink Kindle's browser to browse web in the newer frontlight models would vouch its positive effect on the eyes.
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