Automatic transcript for podcasts with search

posted by Abishek Muthian Ideator , 1726 days ago , show insights

Podcasts are an antidote to noise filled, cognitive bias fuelling on-screen media. But, there are limitations to consuming information from audio; searching and retrieving information from a podcast are full of hurdles, audio only podcasts are out of reach for people with hearing disabilities and other accessibility issues.

Considering the state of current speech recognition, audio processing; I would like a podcast app where transcript are generated in real-time and showcased like how lyrics are displayed in the music streaming apps with ability to search over podcast's transcript at any time.

There are few services which offer transcript for podcasts, but aren't real-time and require payments to be made for each episodes.

P.S. Android has live transcribe feature for any audio, but including transcript within a podcast app would be frictionless and could provide historical search features.
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