Challenge platform for non tech graduates

posted by jobseeker , 1621 days ago , show insights

There are number of platforms for tech graduates to show their skills via hackathon, competition to get recruited. But there are no such platform for a non tech graduate or for someone who has non technical skills in general such as agriculture, cooking, sales, marketing, accounting, communication, research, writing, travel, fashion, art, design (non-digital) etc. to showcase their skills for getting recruited.

I think its high time cookathons, saleathons, writeathons etc. for non-tech fields is conducted to connect the skilled with those who are looking for them. My wishful thinking is that this should encourage even those without proper degree or formal education in those fields should be encouraged to participate if they have necessary skills.

This sounds like a true problem, but one reason for why this hasn't been taken up or solved yet could be because the majority of those who are facing this problem are jobless and entrepreneurship is the last thing which comes to mind when someone is not having any money.
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