Democratisation of AI/ML/DL hardware

posted by Abishek Muthian Ideator , 1706 days ago , show insights

Organisations like OpenAI are doing a commendable job in democratising Artificial Intelligence software stack i.e. opensource AI tools accessible to anyone and not just the big firms. But democratisation of hardware required for Machine Learning or Deep Learning is nowhere in sight.

GPU is already a big bottleneck for an individual/startup from a poor economic region. Considering, even entry level Software Engineering jobs now expect the candidates to know ML; it is imposing a huge disadvantage over a large sector of students from poor countries. AI accelerator hardware like TPU, Graphcore AI available to only big cloud companies would further worsen this.

This issue has largely to do with how semiconductor industry by itself is structured. With only handful of fabrication plants capable of mass producing semiconductors of this nature and they being integral part of 'soft power' in Geo-politics; it's hard for a startup to enter this space and when they do, they have no option to tie-up with these cloud companies.

Not only 'AI powered end product' will increase the inequality; but the ML education/research already has.
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