How candidates are selected for interviews

posted by Zimochrome , 1607 days ago , show insights

In current leading job sites, first communication between employee and employer is monotonous; If I see an opening I apply with my stored CV and wait for the return communication from the potential employer.

The reason for an employer not selecting the candidate for an interview could be several, but since there is no feedback mechanism at this level the candidate would never know and there is no room for improvement.

As for the employer, they have to rely upon historical data on CV to make a judgement on whether the candidate is fit for their job interview; they end up loosing lot of time, money in eliminating unfit candidates during interviews and perhaps they might have lost a suitable employee since they did not offer them the interview.

I think there is a need gap for improving how the candidates are selected for the interviews with very specific job description, transparent recruitment criteria, better ways for a candidate to showcase that they have necessary skills to execute the role, transparent process and feedback.
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