Simulation Sickness in VR and First Person games

posted by Abishek Muthian Ideator , 1723 days ago , show insights

Anyone who's into Virtual Reality or First Person games or realistic simulations (pilot training) would have faced simulation sickness i.e. motion sickness w.r.t display causing nausea. Some report facing it on smartphones/tablets too.

It is believed that it happens as our brain receives the perception that we are moving due to the feedback received from our eyes (from screen) but our vestibular system (or inner ear) doesn't detect any movement; This conflict makes triggers an evolutionary response to throw up because it could have been due to something we have eaten.

Research is being done to confirm the reason for why it happens, but it is confirmed that it happens. Little research done on the subject suggest that the vast majority of us can acclimatise to the disembodied motion of games, but some noticeable percentage of people either never fully acclimate or do so very slowly.

With the towering rise of the VR applications, simulation sickness has become a major bottleneck and hence exists a need gap. Perhaps the solution for simulation sickness could have greater application for motion sickness in general such as during air/sea travel.
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