Finding local delicacies internationally

posted by Jörg Rüger , 1646 days ago , show insights

I travel internationally a lot and when ever I visit a new city in a country I struggle to find small restaurants or a road-side vendors which/who offer local delicacies at good quality. I prefer small restaurants or small vendor for local delicacies as they are the ones which are not available in larger restaurants in which ever city you are i.e. they are the ones which are really hard to get outside that place; but hard to find via Google because they are not mapped.

There are services like eatwith which started out as food-sharing service i.e. get the food cooked by a local, but once they get bigger they tie up with bigger restaurants/chefs like most other services. Food sharing is a no go for introverts like me as well, I prefer places where I can eat food at peace and not have lot of conversations to do it.

I would like a service which provides crowd sources data for small restaurants and road-side vendors providing local delicacies; say where to find the best Khao Soi in Chiang Mai or Pani Puri in Mumbai.
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