Simple CLI for cloud deployments.

posted by corpulent , 1593 days ago , show insights

I am a DevOps cloud engineer working with a team of designers, frontend and data engineers.  I am seeing that the cloud stuff goes over their heads, and they hate the deployment process.  For example; spinning up a group of databases to test an ETL job, deploying a site, or putting some script on a schedule.  Even stuff like TerraForm is hard for them. They use AWS Lambdas for simple setups, but when the code base gets large and complex they come running to my team to help them deploy, or create new layers for their Lambdas.  Oh, and no-one I know seems to use Heroku anymore. A few frontend guys use, but they still need to create the database elsewhere.

Lately, I am spending time creating and maintaining scripts at work to help developers and designers deploy common stuff quickly.

I feel there is a needgap for a simple CLI tool that can ease the pain of cloud provisioning.  Something that abstracts scaling, security, DNS, etc, and gets resources talking to each other.

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