Betting for a cause

posted by Trevor Richmond , 1524 days ago , show insights

Me and my friend often go on with silly bets on anything from sports to politics, the bet amount is small, often less than $10, enough to buy the winner a treat.

Recently, we made a bet on which political candidate would win a debate and the winner had to donate the money to Wikipedia; it really felt great for both of us in-spite of one loosing the bet. It felt great, because the money went to a good cause and not just a burger.

In-fact, even the opposite can be true, According to social science research betting on causes which we don't want to support can be helpful to inhibit us from bad behaviour. Max Nesterak of NPR bet his money on quitting smoking, if he loses he had to donate the money to an organisation he hates.

So, I searched for platforms which can enable such social betting after all, social networks are filled with "I bet..., You bet.." comments. I couldn't find any, how about a platform which enables such social gambling?

Say, when someone says "I bet...", pop them with this platform's link for them to bet their money on a social cause.
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