Hiding the subreddit name

posted by Allen Young , 1493 days ago , show insights

When I'm browsing the reddit, I would like to play little game of not seeing the subreddit name and guessing it from the content. It would be nice if reddit provided an option to hide the subreddit name, but it doesn't nor does any 3rd party reddit apps.

A simple search reveals that there are others who would like to hide the name of subreddit, but for different reasons. Common suggestions for it seems to be altering the css via browser extensions, but since I would like to browse reddit via mobile it doesn't seem to be a viable option.

I would like to hide it for entertainment reasons and the subreddit name should be revealed when tapped on it. Perhaps if there are other takers for this, some 3rd party reddit app may implement this or a new app can be created.
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