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    but unlike News these Entertainment subscription services doesn't seem to be struggling (at-least the top ones)

    Netflix Inc. NFLX -3.52% shares fell 35.1% on Wednesday, recording their worst day since 2004, after the streaming giant reported that it lost subscribers in the first quarter - https://www.wsj.com/articles/netflix-stock-price-plunges-premarket-after-subscriber-loss-11650449002 .

    Although subscribers moving to other subscription platforms where their favorite show or movie is; could be one of the factors, I don't think it's the primary or at-least cannot confirm unless we see substantial rise in the subscriber numbers for the competing platforms. I think apart from the factors Netflix admitted(Pulling out of countries due to war, Password sharing etc.), I think global inflation and consumers cutting down on their non-essential expenses(which includes subscriptions not just limited to entertainment) are the real reasons.
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