• Hi, I don't want to oversell my app. It's not for everyone. Some days I don't even use it. Some days it really helps me.

    Non tech ways:

    When I wear a shirt that has a front pocket, I keep a pocket notepad and a pen in there and I am less likely to drift. The notepad is in my peripheral vision and I can access it easily. This somewhat tackles the "visual" part that Abishek mentioned. I know that I just need to focus on my notepad.

    Sometimes I couple the notepad with a timer for extra get up and go. This is what my app basically does except with cute rewards. Again, you don't have to use it to get similar benefits (and both methods might not work for you).

    I also don't want to undermine Abishek's answer. I think its very interesting. And neither of my methods truly tackle aDDM. I also may not be understanding it fully. I just made an app that I wanted and in the process I learned so many useful skills that I wouldn't have learned if I didn't make it. And now I'm learning useful things about the consumer market. Pretty cool!

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