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    That's a great suggestion Bakshara. Those who want to donate devices from cities are now limited by logistics, so a door pickup can address that and kudos to the agencies working to donate devices.

    But these devices come in various conditions, configurations, form factors, battery life etc and most of all it's likely to be an Android device which hasn't received a security update for several years and so these children could easily fall victim to cyber-fraud and exploitation. Besides, long hours of using smartphones with small displays aren't great for a child's health either.

    I think we need to work on device which which can deliver remote education without Internet and proper electricity.

    I'm thinking on the lines of receiving television signal(DVB-T is robust), receivers are cheap (<$10) and transmission of data back from the device using 433Mhz LoRa network.

    So, the primitive concept is -

    • 11.6" LCD display.
    • DVB-T receiver for receiving television/radio signal.
    • Water proof Keyboard which the children can do their home work and chat with the teacher.
    • Communication via LoRaWAN® network for light weight text data .
    • Minimal compute (e.g. Raspberry Pi Nano) for handling all the above and for extensibility.
    • Removable batteries, capable of being charged through various options (e.g. Solar, Cycle etc.)

    I think, such a device could be manufactured at the cost of a low-end smartphone but with better quality and versatility fulfilling specific needs for remote education.
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