Remote education for underprivileged

posted by Abishek Muthian Ideator , 1372 days ago , show insights

COVID-19 pandemic has put the world into lockdown and the children are forced to get their education through Internet - especially via video conferencing often using smartphones, radio, television and texting.

Unfortunately, even feature phones let alone smartphones are beyond the reach of many, resulting in the lack of means to get educated in the marginalised communities where education is the only way for the next generation to escape the poverty. There are several reports of children committing suicide after being distraught from not being able to afford a smartphone[1][2][3].

Pew Research centre's 2019 report says,

Across the 11 emerging economies surveyed as part of this report, up to one-in-five people do not own or even share a mobile phone.

Lack of smartphone or other electronic device is not the only problem, lack of proper electricity, cellular and Internet connectivity inhibits the underprivileged from receiving remote education.

What we can we come up with under such conditions to deliver remote education to the underprivileged? Note that several governments are trying to crack this problem as well, so any solution to fill this need gap could be a viable international social good startup idea.
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