Get me the news I need, not the news I want

posted by Andora , 1371 days ago , show insights

I'm tired of the hate mongering, cognitive bias rich, mindless advertisement fuelled News media be it on Internet or Television or Radio or even traditional Paper medium.

When I say Internet, I don't mean just the websites, but also mobile Apps with infinite scroll which has put pressure on the News Agencies to produce content at a blistering rate, resulting in low quality content without any editorial oversight or fact checking or even proofreading.

I'm tired of these News medium exploiting my FOMO, I'm convinced that 99.9% of the news I consume every day has just information I don't need, Information I will never use in my life, at least in the foreseeable future. This is after choosing the categories of interest, giving personal information about myself than I should have to the large media companies and thereby advertisers.

I'm convinced that these News media are trying make me someone they want to be, rather than give me what I need.

What does it take to get only the News I need, which will be actually useful for my life?
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