Search Engine Wall of Shame

posted by Abishek Muthian Ideator , 1181 days ago , show insights
A while back, I started writing down the search queries for bad search results from different search engines to publish one day a 'Search Engine Wall of Shame'.

But this needs to be public effort to create any meaningful action from search engines. How many of you would be willing to contribute to such platform by submitting your bad search results?

Some examples, Format: [Search Engine],[Search query],[Expected Result],[Actual Top Result],[URL] , [Alternate better result search engine]

  1. Google, "Port Chrome extension to Firefox",  Official document from Mozilla, 3rd party blog, [] , DDG (First result from Mozilla).
  2. DDG, "have i been pwned credit card number", Does HIBP include credit card details, Irrelevant news article, [] , Google (Shows discussion on topic from actual creator as 2nd result)

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