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posted by Rakesh , 1144 days ago , show insights

Brands have made developing cult following as the way to do business. This creates lot of negativity as I constantly see consumers fighting each other for their favorite brand over Internet forums, Private businesses shouldn't be able to command this much hold on their customers.

I think one way to address this would be the consumer choice to let go of the brands completely and buy high quality nondescript items without any brands. When I search for such no-brand products I see couple of websites pop up, many of them for just T-shirts with one difference being which seems to be offering products from different categories.

I feel there's a need for more brandless type eCommerce websites, especially since the manufacturer can pass on the savings from brand development, marketing to the end consumers. Would you assert your consumer choice to buy products without any branding to reduce the hold private business have over you? If you are a manufacturer would you sell your product without branding through such eCommerce website?
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