Enabling hearing aid features on TWS earphones

posted by Abishek Muthian Ideator , 1782 days ago , show insights

Hearing aid technology have come up a long way, they are tiny that it's unnoticeable on a person wearing one, highly efficient, customisable from app and can give super human hearing abilities but at a premium price. Luckily TWS (True Wireless Stereo) bluetooth earphone technology has grown exponentially as well and many of its features are synonymous with premium hearing aids but at lower cost.

Ever since Apple removed 3.5 mm audio jack in its iPhones, other manufacturers have been following the suit and fuelled by the demand there's no dearth of TWS earphones at different price range. Though the primary function of TWS earphones are to output what is available to the phone speaker via bluetooth to the in-ear earphones, some of the available tech can be used to enable hearing aid features.

Hearing aid features such as audio amplification can be enabled via the combination of mic in the earphones and audio processing in the app. Ambient noise cancellation can be enabled in the same way, giving us a quiet ambience on demand when we need to focus. All these without any prejudice which comes from wearing hearing aids.
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