Track the p/l of multiple investment accounts

posted by JMaven , 880 days ago , show insights

I have a stock/options brokerage account and a crypto account and I can’t find a single platform that allows me to track my overall p/l with ease. All the tools available online have one or more of the following:

  • requires me to tediously enter information of my every single stock trade using a poorly-designed web interface
  • has a limitation on the number of trades that I can enter
  • doesn't show the performance metrics that I want (e.g. time-weighted return, money-weighted return, on a monthly/annualized basis, CAGR, IRR, Sharpe Ratio, Omega Ratio etc..)
  • limited benchmarking options
  • charges a monthly subscription
  • does not support data logging of my options trading
  • does not support crypto
  • cannot unify the p/l of multiple accounts / assets / currencies into a single report
  • low customizability of the portfolio reports
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