Typical freelancer needs to use too many tools

posted by tomw , 797 days ago , show insights

A lot of people who freelance already use too many tools in the stack. e.g. a lot of freelancers use Freshbooks, Asana, Toggl, Jira, Calend.ly to manage their business. They have either to integrate it or manually rewrite information between apps. Not to mention some features missing like simply tracking invoices sent/invoices paid.

Also, many people right now are quitting their jobs and moving to freelance, and they are worried about how to choose the right tools, which won't be very expensive (for example they were working in enterprise segment, and they had all the tools paid by their company - now they have to buy it on their own).

There are number of solutions which lacks some of the features of "all-in-one" stack, or are too expensive to buy.
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