Sharing WiFi network with strangers for money

posted by Abishek Muthian Ideator , 1637 days ago , show insights

There is need gap for alternatives to mobile Internet via cellular network, the closest solution being WiFi hotspots. But, WiFi hotspots being run by monopolies doesn't protect the openness of the Internet.

Opening home, office, personal WiFi to the public without password protection addresses this, that's exactly what Open Wireless Movement aimed to achieve with custom router firmware. But, goodwill alone rarely reaches scalability; how about sharing WiFi for money? I'm not the first to suggest that, OpenGarden tried to do it in vain.

I'm quite certain that the above projects failed because of the need to run custom firmwares on WiFi routers, which is a large friction for homes/offices or individuals who don't know about it or have the right hardware. With the availability of cheaper network hardware, better open network software stack, I think the need gap for sharing WiFi with public for subscription commission can now be achieved.

How can we do it?
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