Inexpensive IoT fire safety system

posted by Girish Ideator , 1606 days ago , show insights

Recently in Delhi, fire broke out in a factory resulting in the death of at-least 43 people and more than 50 were injured. Since this happened during early morning, most of the occupants(labourers) were sleeping and so couldn't notice the fire in time; besides the factory building itself was illegal & didn't have proper fire safety.

If there was a fire alarm, lives could have been saved and if that alarm was capable of sending alerts outside (SMS/Internet) then at-least outside help could have been received in time.

To be frank, I didn't have any fire alarm at my house. Frightened by this incident I searched for one on the market and the ones with decent ratings where overwhelmingly expensive. I'm of middle income category, if these are expensive to me, no wonder many here aren't even aware of fire safety systems let alone someone spending money on it for a building housing poor labourers.

Why are these expensive when a smartphones in the country are half the price?
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