Make TV dumb again

posted by Abishek Muthian Ideator , 1663 days ago , show insights

The Operating Systems, Applications used by major Smart TV manufactures are found to be highly vulnerable to hacking. Also, updates for earlier Smart TV's isn't straightforward as many need to be flashed via SD card and which not many are going to do even if the manufacturer had updated their firmware to fix some vulnerabilities.

Smart TV manufacturer's themselves exploit the available capabilities to flash unremovable Ads and may even upload screenshots from your TV for automatic content recognition.

So, if Smart TV's are dangerous, annoying, why buy them right? Well, that's the problem I'm stating here - There aren't many options to get a dumb TV with latest display technology i.e. 4K/8K HDR if we want to supply our own apps via SBCs/Apple TV etc.
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