Protecting one's time

posted by Abishek Muthian Ideator , 1654 days ago , show insights

Netflix's biggest competitor? Sleep. Sleep, eating, physical activities, communicating in-person etc.; anything related to healthy lifestyle of an individual has become a competitor to companies dependent upon the screen-time.

Several of the top apps have claimed to have more than an hour of screen-time on average among its consumers, so someone who consumes several such products are forced to make more time for it. Time being constant(at absolute level) for all, only way for an individual to make more time for these new lifestyle habits is to remove time from existing healthy habits.

It's not that reducing or removing smartphone altogether can solve this, the issue is not just psychological addiction but also economical and political. Companies are allowed to grow larger than the governments and their only limitation is an individual's time. Is there a need gap to protect one's time?
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