Finding which college course help reach ambition

posted by Tina Ray , 1593 days ago , show insights

There are plenty of resources for finding universities, colleges and their ranking; but I'm yet to come across one which can simply tell me which course should I take based on my current skills, financial capacity and at which university to reach my ambition.

Say, if my ambition is to be an astronaut, may be I need not waste 4 years on Engineering; perhaps I can take 2 years course on Physics, Math, take up the pilot training program and apply to NASA (or) May be new space ventures such as SpaceX, Blue Origin would have Astronaut training program themselves and I should focus my education according to it.

A education/career advising web service or app should be able to give me this advise after getting the necessary inputs from me such as education, skills, grades, financial situation etc. based on up-to date information on the field of education, career, global economy, emerging technologies etc.
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