3 Realtime accent changer without changing voice

posted by Abishek Muthian 145 days ago  

Learning and speaking a foreign language is easier when compared to mastering the accent of a native speaker. Many, who have thought to have mastery of a foreign language have found that the native speaker of that language don't understand them due to the accent.

Accent is the manner of pronunciation peculiar to a particular individual, location or nation. Mastering the accent of the native speaker, reduces the friction in the communication between a native and non-native speaker of the same language.

There are numerous intuitive ways to learn foreign languages now a days, including mobile apps; but none I know of provides the native accent of a word or sentence in my own voice. I feel learning a language with native accent in our own voice would offer much more complete experience.

Hence, there is a need gap for a service which takes in our voice and plays back audio of a word or sentence in a language and accent of our choosing. Please do share your experiences on this problem and possible solutions.
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