Health insurance for sick and disabled

posted by Abishek Muthian Ideator , 1442 days ago , show insights

I recently learnt that the top health insurers in my country are denying policy for the sick and disabled; putting the lives of sick and disabled at risk during COVID-19 pandemic.

As an entrepreneur I understand the risk faced by insurers, but then again such risk is part and parcel of their business model. But, denying someone a policy since they have X disease when they could offer them a coverage for rest of the ailments with a waiting period for coverage of X disease is not keeping up with the progress of medical science; especially when the Govt. guidelines suggests you to do the same.

Hence, there is a need gap for an insurer who cares about sick, disabled and has ethical policies which are developed in parallel to the progress in medical science.

Do you know such insurer, have opinions about how such insurer should be or want to build one yourself? I understand that the subject of health insurance differs widely according to the country and their health policy.

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