Following work of a non-acting member from films

posted by Ramon Eater , 1773 days ago , show insights

Many times I like the work of a member from a film crew such as, cinematographer, visual effects director, music composer, stunt coordinator, dialogue writer, director etc. who are not actors or at-least not lead actors. I feel they don't get the attention they deserve in making a movie great.

I want to follow the latest work of a cinematographer, visual effects director, dialogue writer, stunt coordinator etc. I liked in a movie. Actors, especially lead actors get stupendous coverage on television and online; but others from the film crew who had put exemplary effort don't get covered about their latest work.

A fan like me who would like to know about the latest work of these professionals, would watch a movie/series for their work but have no mechanism to get the required information and hence the need gap. Of course, some of them might have twitter accounts; but I would like to get updates on just their latest work and not their personal/world views; so Twitter doesn't fill this need gap.
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