Better employee verification system

posted by jobseeker , 1698 days ago , show insights

Recently I had cleared an interview from a large organisation and all that was pending was verification on my previous employment. The verification was conducted by a 3rd party and they sent email to all my past employers. My very first employer (5 years back) had since shutdown the company and in-spite of personally vouching for me to the verification company; they didn't accept it because it wasn't from their official email id.

The communication from that employer wasn't from official email id because the THE COMPANY HAD SHUT DOWN, the verification company kept insisting that my employer verify via official email id. The incompetence of the verification company in not knowing how email domains work has nearly cost my job.

If an email domain is all what it takes to verify, then how is it even properly verified? I think there is a need gap for better employee verification system.
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