Receiving SMS/calls to a phone in another place

posted by Shekar Gupta , 1634 days ago , show insights

In my country OTP (One Time Password) for important transactions such as banking or any other identification is sent to the phone via SMS. This becomes cumbersome when I travel outside the country and need to conduct some banking transactions. I have to call someone at my place to relay the OTP over a phone call or chat message; the phone which receives the SMS is likely drained of power, taking considerable time to switch ON and so leading to missing the OTP in time.

One may ask, why not take the local SIM with me during travel? Well, the SMSs are not always received during roaming in other countries and when they do, they are with prohibitive roaming charges.

I would like a solution for this, preferably a system which allows me to keep a phone in my home country; receive phone calls and SMS to it via Internet in another country without much delay.
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