Show meaning of words in a video

posted by Jonas , 1170 days ago , show insights

When I'm watching a movie and If I don't understand a word I pause the movie and look up the word in the dictionary to understand that word. Streaming services like Amazon Prime show details about that particular scene when paused like  Cast, Trivia etc. in their X-Ray feature but not synonyms or thesaurus for the dialogue.

Say I'm watching a video and press a special key e.g. 'S' and Synonyms pop up for the words in the dialogue sentence except basic grammar. It's not like every word in the sentence requires synonyms, there will be usually couple of hard words in a dialogue depending upon the movie.

I feel this is a great way to learn language, Me and my friends improved our English language skills by watching Hollywood movies and I'm sure there are many like us around the world.
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